Initiating Metamorphosis Towards

Love • Freedom • Peace

Breathwork Ceremonies

Drawing on more than two decades of experience in breathwork, I weave together various techniques into my ceremonies based on practical experience and scientific theory. My extensive training in Holotropic Breathwork and experience of renowned methods such as Wim Hof and Soma have guided me in developing a unique range of effective practices. These sessions seamlessly combine traditional Holotropic Breathwork with my own refined techniques developed through years of experience and my academic research in breathwork. Suitable for beginners and experienced practitioners alike, each journey promotes profound transformation and healing.

In 2023, I had the honor of presenting my distinct technique at the Boom Festival, closing the meditation stage and showcasing the powerful effects of my approach to breathwork.

Sufi Ecstatic Dance

Inspired by ancient Sufi traditions, Sufi Ecstatic Dance offers a transformative journey, awakening the body’s energy centers and leading to ecstasy. The ceremony begins with the activation of these centers, creating a foundation for deeper engagement. This is followed by Sufi breathwork, a meditative and rhythmic practice that enhances spiritual connection. The heart of the ceremony is the Sufi Whirling meditation, a mesmerizing technique inducing trance and spiritual transcendence. The experience peaks in Ecstatic Dance, allowing a free-form expression of the awakened energy in a celebratory and cathartic release. This ceremony, conducted in a nurturing environment, connects participants deeply with their inner selves and the divine.

Together with Amore Momo, we had the honor to offer this ceremony at Boom Festival 2023.

Retreats & 1-on-1 Sessions

Retreats in South Portugal: I offer group and individual retreats in the tranquil surroundings of South Portugal. These retreats are designed for deep personal growth, with group sessions fostering a sense of community and individual retreats providing a tailored, focused experience.

1-on-1 Sessions: Available both online and in-person, my one-on-one sessions cover coaching, counseling, hypnosis, and sound healing. These personalized sessions are ideal for those seeking targeted support and guidance in their personal development and healing journey.

In all my offerings, I bring my extensive experience in holistic practices to create transformative experiences for my clients.

AudioTrips App

The AudioTrips App provides immersive audio experiences for personal transformation, focusing on holotropic altered states to enhance healing, creativity, focus, sleep, and stress relief. It offers a variety of tracks for personal and spiritual growth, suitable for both beginners and advanced users. The app includes meditations, breathwork, and trance sessions, with options for customized experiences to meet individual needs. Designed to facilitate higher levels of consciousness, AudioTrips is available for download, enabling users to start their transformative journey immediately.

Hi, I’M Ahash Xerxes Voshmgir

Early in my life, I have chosen the path of a seeker of truth – I expanded the boundaries of my consciousness and had profound epiphanies about life and the nature of reality. But life happened, and when I got overwhelmed by certain experiences, I took some detours that compromised me, my vision, and my life. Having had the experiences I did in the past, deep down I always knew that there was more to life than what I had created for myself. Yet, for a long time, I had no clarity about what to do, how to get back and how to break out of the life I had created for myself. Eventually, I went through a deep crisis of meaning, where I rediscovered my path and rose again more centered than before. Eventually, I became a TEDx speaker and spoke about the future of humanity. I now share the techniques that helped me during my metamorphosis reinventing my life.

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